Manipur: cuori

“Go into all the world and proclaim the good news to the whole creation”. Mk 16:15

A Manipur cuori ardenti e piedi in cammino (2)

The ethnic conflict in Manipur has sown fear and tension, it has created many difficulties in our daily lives, but it has not prevented us from responding to the missionary appeal of Jesus. Missionary passion thrusts us to go out to sow in the boundless field of the world, serving the Kingdom in the most intense apostolic action (C 9).

Giving heed to this message of Jesus and the urgency call of the church for the missionary activity, we the sisters of Bishnupur community from Manipur set out our feet with hearts on fire to animate the people of God in St. Ignatius parish.

With a short introduction, we enlightened the people about the importance of the Mission Sunday; we spoke about the theme of this year.

Then with symbols and visual aids, we showed the colours of the continents, and explained their meaning and importance. They gladly welcomed us and all were eager and enthusiastic to listen to our sharing; open to understand the urgency of the church’s missionary activity for an ever-closer missionary cooperation on the part of all her members and at every level guided by the keywords: communion, participation, and mission.

Keeping in mind the motto of the synod, our MSI lay associates, youth, Parish priest, itinerant and local catechists supported us to animate the people by translating to them in their own local languages: Rongmei and Manipuri. The program of the day was so lively and vibrant with action songs, dance and games connected to the missionary theme. We reached out to the different villages such as Chothe, Dimdailong, warok, Ngrian, Chaiba, Namgaijamg, Nungang, Tuikang and young missionary group in the parish.

The missionary passion urges us to go forth to sow in the endless field of the world, serving the kingdom in intense apostolic action (C 9) The Manipur ethnic conflict has been created fear, tension, difficulties in our daily lives yet it did not prevent us to go to the people with the message of God.

Sharing of the participants after the missionary animation.

Mrs.Amurei (LAY MSI) “I am a missionary and I want to persevere until my death. I continue to work for the mission along with our missionary sisters of the Immaculate. They are God’s gift to us. I am ready to help them any time.”.

Mercy Dangmei “I know the MSI sisters and I worked with them. The theme of the mission Sunday as well as the sharing on the mission is very enriching. I will continue to teach catechism for my village children”.

Philip Aimol “Being a local catechist, it was good for me to understand about the importance of Mission Sunday and the theme. I will share this experience with the people because all Christians are called to be missionaries to proclaim the Gospel of Christ”.

Dina Dangmei “It was a wonderful program, I came to know more about the mission and who is a missionary. If I was not married, then I could be a missionary sister”.

Sara Chothe “I was so inspired by the explanation of the continents and the meaning of colours and the sharing of the missionaries of different countries. When I pray the rosary I will think of Africa, I will pray for my country and I will be an active missionary in the parish”.

The Holy Father shares his zeal, reminding us that, as Christians, we cannot keep the Lord to ourselves. World Mission Sunday provided us an opportunity to speak about our faith and respond to our missionary call – through prayer, participation in the Eucharist, animating the people in eight different villages and preparing spiritually the faithful for Mission Sunday so that they too become missionaries in their daily life.

Sr.Lincy Sebastian, Manipur, Siliguri Province


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