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Dear Sisters,

In the light of the tragedy that is happening here in Italy and that is already spreading in many places in the world, we feel compelled to address you with some recommendations and proposals to be circulated in all our communities and to the people we are mostly in contact with. Above all, let us be guided by responsibility towards ourselves and the others.

In most places where we are present, the virus transmission has not yet assumed the proportions with which it is manifesting itself in Italy. Therefore, these days can be time dedicated to information and prevention among the sisters and our people.

Herewith we summarize the most important measures to be adopted:

  1. Take care of personal hygiene and cleanliness of the places. Frequently wash hands.
  2. Observe the minimum distance of 1.5 meters with people.
  3. Avoid strictly unnecessary travels.
  4. At the first signs of the spread of the disease in the area, protect the sisters who are most fragile due to health and age; ensure that our formees do not leave the formation houses. For all: it is better to stay at home as much as possible.
  5. If necessary, suspend participation in public celebrations: pay particular attention that public celebrations may not take place where our elderly sisters reside nor in the houses of formation.
  6. At the first signs of the spread of the disease in the area, close hostels and schools.
  7. Where we are engaged in the direct work of caring for children, the sick, the disabled … in a special way, intensify attention on the daily routine so that all may comply with the recommended norms.
  8. If necessary, suspend all outside activities (missionary animation, retreats, spiritual exercises, vocational camps, community visits and occasional visits, even to other communities, for not strictly justified reasons).
  9. Drastically reduce or limit as much as possible the number of employees.
  10. Identify a trusted doctor to contact in case of the display of symptoms.
  11. Coordinate with diocesan initiatives and possibly stimulate them.
  12. In the meantime, get as much essential material as possible, such as masks, gloves, soap, etc. for yourself and for the people.
  13. Live this period as a moment of prayer and limit pastoral/other activities.

This message has been prepared together with the PIME General Direction, as a sign of common commitment in the pursuit of the good of all.

Kindly welcome our greetings, together with the heartfelt invitation to seriously consider what has been written and to put it into practice for the good of all and for an effective contribution to our own and our people’s health.

United in mutual prayer,

The General Direction


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