Missionary! A mysterious word which had the magical power of dispelling every uncertainty, of awakening better hopes”. Giuseppina Rodolfi.

Here is the secret of every vocation: a seed that falls on the good soil bears fruit in abundance.

piccolo semeA SEED: a small story that is special and unique which bears already in itself the necessary requirements for the life of plant just as the story of every Missionary Sister of the Immaculate who bears profoundly in herself all the talents and the resources received from her place of origin, such as Italy, Asia, America, Africa and Oceania.

seme che cade in terra buonaTHAT FALLS ON THE GOOD SOIL: it signifies that a seed, which is able to find all the suitable conditions for growing. Soil that is not dry without ground and without shrub is able to receive the roots otherwise it would suffocate the tiny plant. Similarly, the seed which encounters in the life of every missionary sister of the Immaculate is the Word of God and profound encounter with Jesus present in day-to-day life. It is the familiarity with the Word of God allows every Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate in every part of the world to know each other more deeply, to perceive one’s own call, and to offer one’s life to Christ.

frutti in pienezzaAND IT BEARS FRUIT IN ABUNDANCE: in fact, the Missionary Sister of the Immaculate, as per her call and choice dedicates herself “for all life and with the whole of  life” to bring the good news of the Gospel having the desire to make known Jesus Christ to the persons who do not know Him yet in territories far from her place of origin. Every Missionary Sister of the Immaculate present in the five continents experience the inadequacy of bearing fruit (thirtyfold, sixtyfold and hundredfold) in the activities of missionary animation, especially in the pastoral activity of the local Church, evangelization in the villages, schools, embroidery and sewing centers, hospitals and being close to the indigenous peoples.

God is everything and everything is in his hands. If God wants he will open the way, He will remove every obstacles, better, He will give the strength to face them without drawing back.

Mother Giuseppina Dones.

Do you like to know anything more about the story of the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate from different parts of the world? Do you like to perceive anything of their missionary vocation?

Here, below, you can find some of them…….

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