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msi magazineWe, the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate, have our origin in the press! In fact, the idea of the foundation of our missionary congregation was born in the context of the missionary press of PIME, at the beginning of 1900. We want to continue, even today, to emphasize that every Christian is a missionary.  And, with our written publications, we wish to be eye witness to mission, arising concern and hope as well as inviting to participation in the life of the Universal Church and to the journey of the Local Churches where we are working.

Our magazine with information and missionary animation, in approximately 5000 copies bi-monthly, is directed towards our families, friends for the youth and is written in Italian language.


Perpetual Profession and Missionary Mandate+

Perpetual Profession and Missionary Mandate

As the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you. (Jh. 20:21) 29th December 2018, indeed is a memorable day for Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate (Nirmala Sisters), as a momentous event took place in the life of Srs. Natta Jyothi, Antony Mary Jenifer Abraham, Jenita Arockia Mary Innaci, Maria Assuntha Soosai Raj, and Amala Catherine Amal Raj, who said their final yes to the Lord, offering th...


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