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mdi su mondo e missioneThe Missionarie dell’Immacolata magazine, a missionary animation channel active for 34 years, closes its activities in 2019. You can find the partial archive of the latest issues published on this site.

From January 2020 MdI takes on another guise and continues to talk about us and our passion for the evangelization through the pages of Mondo e Missione, the PIME Missionaries magazine, with which we share the ideals and missionary charisma. and who will continue to talk about us too.

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Symphony of Gratitude

Jubilee, a threshold of new era is to remember the Lord’s benevolence, to cherish His faithfulness and to relish His limitless bliss. We, the MSI astounded at the marvelous works of God in the lives of our sisters during the past 60, 50 and 25 years of grace. 46 Jubilarians: 5 diamond, 23 golden and 18 silver came together to celebrate God’s fidelity through 60, 50, and 25 years of their con...


The synod for the Amazonia in the diary of Pope Francis

TV 2000 publishes the Diary of Pope Francis on October 18th. It tells the conclusion of the second week of the Synod for the Amazonia thanks to the presence in the studio of two members of the Itinerant Team who work in the Forest on the border with Brazil, Peru and Bolivia, the Jesuit Father Fernando Lopez, the missionary sister of the Immaculate, PIME, Sr Laura Valtorta and two representatives o...

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