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mdi su mondo e missioneThe Missionarie dell’Immacolata magazine, a missionary animation channel active for 34 years, closes its activities in 2019. You can find the partial archive of the latest issues published on this site.

From January 2020 MdI takes on another guise and continues to talk about us and our passion for the evangelization through the pages of Mondo e Missione, the PIME Missionaries magazine, with which we share the ideals and missionary charisma. and who will continue to talk about us too.

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To be a missionary is a road to paradise

From day one of my destination to Papua New Guinea until I arrive there I would keep repeating to myself, “Get ready to be born again, because a missionary, irrespective of the place she goes, can produce hundred fold only if she knows to die to self.” My mission preparations had been a long journey. Being in Italy as a student cum member of the International and Inter cultural communities I c...


My true destiny- Jesus

December 4, 2021 a red-letter day in my life because moved by the deepest sentiments of my heart to proclaim the Kingdom of God to all peoples, I pronounced my definitive ‘Yes’ to God and made my perpetual profession in my hometown parish ‘Holy Trinity’ Boregaina in the diocese of Port Moresby. The Holy Eucharist commenced with the sweet sound of the singing and spectacular entrance dance ...

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