Charism and Spirituality

The grace that gave rise to our Congregation in the Church is the living passion to proclaim the Kingdom of God to all the peoples. We believe that we have received from God the task and the gift to place ourselves totally at the service of the mission bringing the Good News of the Lord Jesus to all. This we do through our words and deeds, especially, to those who do not know it yet and who are mostly in need that someone may “become neighbor” to them because God is the Father of us all. We belong to a family, which has understood itself always as a missionary congregation in the widest and most sublime sense of the word. This is what our foundresses wanted, allowing themselves to be touched by the inspired words of Blessed Paolo Manna.

Our evangelical icon is Jesus the one who is sent, the Missionary, the Apostle of the Father. He presents himself to us like a good Sower and asks us like the Seed that allows itself to be buried in the earth.

In the gestures of the sower we see the characteristics of the missionary spirit which we are called to live.

Sows and does not see where the seed ends. To sow with faith

Sows and the seeds fall everywhere. To sow with love without frontiers.

Sows and does not mind about the fatigue and solitude. To sow with sacrifice.

Sows and does not worry about seeing immediate results. To sow with fortitude and hope.

Sows alone but his gesture calls and waits for other laborers. The communion that is born, the missionary Church.

Living faith, Universal love, Spirit of sacrifice without reservations, Fortitude and Hope, Ecclesial Communion: These are the spiritual traits of our way of being missionaries ad gentes.

The strength for this project of life comes from the Eucharist and from the support of Mary, the Immaculate, the woman who said yes to God’s will, the Queen of Apostles who teaches us to fulfill the Father’s plan.

Each of us have cultivated in ourselves, as the first charismatic germ, an ardent and passionate desire to be a missionary, sent as Jesus the Apostle, the Sower and the Seed – sent by Jesus to continue his mission in the world.

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