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The MSI Lay Associates is a group formed by married and unmarried men and women, who carry in their heart a great missionary passion, the desire to live according to the lifestyle and the spirituality of the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate.

The MSI Lay Associates in their everyday and state of life as well as the different activities of evangelization carried out in and outside of their parishes, they desire to proclaim the Lord to those who do not know Him yet or to those who have gone astray from the Lord for various reasons.

The missionary passion do not have frontiers! The MSI Lay Associates are disposed to leave to proclaim the Gospel in other places of mission for a period of time, whenever they have the possibilities and conditions.

Spiritual Column

They are lay persons men and women, animated by the missionary passion commit themselves to support all the missionaries spiritually through their prayers and offering of daily sacrifices and all the activities of evangelization that they carry out.

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