Normally on 24th December people are engaged in the last minute preparation for Christmas, decoration of the church, house, preparation for Christmas lunch, dinner, Christmas gifts etc.

But this year 24th December for three of us ( sr. Theresa, Sr. Angelica and Sr. Maria Clara) was a special celebration  as they joined  a group of  about 60 homeless and volunteers from Kowloon and went to Cheung Chau Island , where Fr. John Wutherspoon OMI has rented a house “MERCY CENTRE” to accommodate homeless people. Among those who joined were also people on wheel chair and many of them are non -Christians.

On the way to MERCY CENTRE, we stopped at a shop for its blessing. It will serve to prepare some snacks to maintain the centre. MERCY CENTRE is on a small hill facing the sea and there are currently 9 occupants and is run by a woman.

At the entrance to the centre there was a very simple crib with the main personalities. But with its simplicity and poverty it was an inspiration for all those who stood in front of it to pray. The lord has come among us, He is Emmanuel, God among us. The vigil Mass celebrated at 4 pm by Fr. John and Deacon Edwin Ng, in charge of prison ministry in the diocese. Before the Mass the homeless people and the volunteers sang Christmas songs and the atmosphere was warm and friendly and homily. The Mass was well animated by praying and singing in different languages.

After the Mass the participants went to have the meal. It was a first experience to eat the meal at the same table with the homeless. No doubt, all of us will cherish this unforgettable Christmas  with the homeless,  as a  beautiful Christmas gift.

sr.  Theresa, Sr. Angelica and Sr. Maria Clara (Hong Kong – Cina)


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