nuova cappella in Ciad

On Sunday 12 February 2023, the Koupor Mission in Chad, where we Missionaries of the Immaculate work in collaboration with the PIME Fathers, experienced a day of celebration, communion and joy, as a new chapel was inaugurated to replace the old one no longer functional.

For the occasion, the Bishop, Msgr. Dominique Tinoudji, ordinary of the diocese of Pala, a city bordering on Northern Cameroon, was a guest at our religious community for two days.

The Bishop arrived on Saturday 11 February, visited the primary school of the parish, the dispensary and the training center for girls. Subsequently, he wanted to meet the lay leaders and leaders of the parish. Hence, a meeting was arranged in which we, Sr. Irene and Sr. Shepali Pereira together with Fr. Marco Frattini were also present.

On Saturday afternoon, the Bishop wanted to meet the young people of the parish, who are guided by Sr. Irene and Fr. Marco during the year.

The following Sunday morning, the chapel was inaugurated: there was the Eucharistic celebration and the solemn blessing of the sacred space.

The new chapel is dedicated to the Gospel of the Wedding at Cana; it is called Cana Chapel, and is located in the village of Baskiling, which is 8 km. from Koupur. This Christian community is in the territory of our parish for this we carry out some of our activities of evangelization, human promotion and formation of the Christian community.

In this village, by the grace of God, the number of Christians is growing every year and the old chapel had become too small, it could no longer accommodate everyone inside. On Sunday many people stayed outside during mass.

The members of the community wanted to build it, so the Christian community got together and decided to contribute money for its construction. There was no lack of help from some benefactors and assistance from our parish priest, Father Marco Fratini (PIME).

Now two Catholic communities can pray in the new chapel located along the main road, where the market is also located. The two Christian communities are very grateful and happy to be able to have an adequate space to live and celebrate their faith.

The feast was well attended and lived with joy, as is usual in Africa, and ended with dances and a good lunch served to all the participants. After lunch, the Bishop returned to his headquarters in Pala. His visit left us with great joy; we experienced his concern for us. Archbishop Dominique is a very simple person, his way of approaching and speaking with people, his “flock”, edified us a lot.

Sr. Irene Kuam, Chad


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