The month of October of this year is very special to me.  This month is the month of Rosary and of prayer for the missions. I made it a point to make it special by introducing to the people the ‘Missionary Rosary’.

I started planning for it about two months ahead as to what I would do in October. The more earnest were my preparations, the more ardent was my love for the missions, in my heart. I contacted all the Spiritual Columns who are on my list and arranged to meet them in their locality to pray the Rosary with them. Their response was quite positive. I had the opportunity of meeting them and sharing with them about our Missionary Family and stressed the need to pray for our Institute and individual members.  Together we prayed the Missionary Rosary and offered our prayers for all missionaries.

On October 22 I have decided to pray the Rosary with the youth of my parish. The “Missionary Rosary” with the young people in Tai Po parish was done for the first time and it was very impressive. I gave invitation to all the young people but the response was rather poor. At one moment I thought of cancelling the event, but I went ahead telling myself that I need patience and understanding to deal with the young people. In the afternoon of Mission Sunday, there were around 40 youth who turned up for the Missionary Rosary.

Sr. Lorena and Sr. Maria Clara joined the event and their presence was a great support for me. During the event, the young people were divided into five groups with the names of five Continents. ‘Jesus youth’ from the parish were the team leaders. They were asked to tour the world and find out the challenges faced by the people in each Continent and to write their prayer intentions for the people living in those Continents.

After the group discussions I shared with them about our MSI presence in these five Continents. I pointed out to the young people about our local Sisters, Sr. Rose Chow and Sr. Vivian Bok who are sent as missionaries to Bangladesh and Brazil. I encouraged the youth to remember that each one of them is also a missionary and to continue to pray for the missionaries. The sharing was concluded by embracing all the continents and all peoples by praying the Missionary Rosary together, which was guided by the team of Jesus Youth from the Parish.

We were also privileged to have some of the youth from HK Diocesan youth commission and I am grateful to the Pastoral team of the Parish who gave me their support for this event. For me, the activities that I organized during this month of October are really memorable events. Looking back, I do feel that all the difficulties and challenges that I went through were worth it.

To conclude, I quote Pope Francis’ Mission Sunday message- “May the Virgin Mother help us to say our “Yes”, conscious of the urgent need to make the Good News of Jesus resound in our time. May she obtain for us renewed zeal in bringing to everyone the good News of the life that is victorious over death. May she intercede for us so that we can acquire the holy audacity needed to discover new ways to bring the gift of salvation to every man and woman.”

Sr. Carmela Pamei (Hong Kong)


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