Golden Jubilee in London… Fund raising for the mission!

Celebrating a golden jubilee is a grace that happens only once in the life of an individual, or of a couple, or of a company…and in the life of a congregation and a community, too!
It was in the year 1968, in fact, that a little group of MSI started a Nursery in 10, Chiswick Lane, while the world was facing great challenges like the Workers General Strike in Europe, the Anti-Vietnam War protest in USA, but also some steps forward like the first successful heart transplant or the signing of the First Civil Rights Act. After all these years, in a world that has completely changed since then, Our Lady Queen of Peace Nursery, like a “house built on rock“, is thanking the Lord for his never-ending mercy, together with the faithfulness and the dedication of all the sisters who have been working in the Nursery, in order to help our mission and missionaries.

A jubilee like this has to be celebrated properly…That’s the reason why at the beginning of 2018 the whole MSI community in London had a day of feast with all the children and families. Also present with many of the sisters who have worked here children and parents of the past generations. Furthermore, we know that every grace is given to “bear fruit, fruit that will last“.  The MSI community planned to conclude the jubilee year with a specific fund-raising activity. This was organised in collaboration with the Local Parish ‘Our Lady of Grace’ for one of our missions in Bangladesh. This was reflected from the appropriate and affectionate words of the parish priest Fr. Michael Dunne, in the parish newsletter.

What an inestimable grace the PIME Sisters have given generations of nursery children of all faith, ‘Outcomes for children: “Outstanding” in the service of the Kingdom of justice, love and peace.

And what a grace they bring to our parish community living their missionary charisma so effectively and so modestly in our midst.

Our Lady Queen of Peace Nursery is helping a New Nursery School in Bangladesh in its ‘first steps’, fulfilling its aim to seed a new hope given by our Lord Jesus Christ. Also, to spread and communicate the meaning of our missionary life to the whole community by our sisters themselves.

Our Lady Queen of Peace Nursery operates within a Christian ethos and is open to any child whose parents/carers wish to attend regardless of colour, ethnic origin, culture, religion or belief. Our mission is to help children develop a love of learning through play, foster a commitment to explore and value differences, build a foundation for independence, cultivate social and emotional development, and enable academic growth through our cooperative family of families. Along with this, we recognise our mission in showing them the seed of faith through the prayers, nativity show, and helping the parents to overcome their difficulties as well as praying for them and listening to them. We support children in their love for God and help the families to trust God in their difficulties and worst situations in life. (sr. Julli Thomas)

The fundraising activity, held with the help of the all community during the first week of Advent 2018, has been a great effort but above all a great success. In this occasion sr. Samuela shortly shared about her experience in Bangladesh during the masses and a leaflet has been prepared and distributed, containing the main elements of the project. But the presence in the parish during all weekend of sr. Samuela, sr. Julli, sr. Teena, sr. Kavitha, sr. Lorenza, Veronica and Tilly (long lasting friends and volunteers for the community). This has helped very much us to have an open dialogue, answering questions with an open mind. E.G A seven-year-old boy, after having heard about the project in Bangladesh said: “Sister, I don’t have anything of my own, but If I had something, I would give all my money to you!”

sisters of the MsI Community of London


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