It was 2010 and I was in the outskirts of Waque, in a village in Mansoa. I was going there twice a week to do the Evangelisation and Literacy programme. The conditions we were there to carry out the activities, or rather the mission in general, were very poor and simple since Guinea was and still is a country on the verge of poverty.

Literacy for us is a path to Evangelisation, therefore, we give time and energy to education, especially to women who are the engine of development in the whole African context.

The novelty in these photos, I remember very well, was the participation of men and women together in the same classroom, which was open-air. This made people stand in awe, in those days it was unthinkable for women and men to be together on cultural issues.

Today, I find it incredible that despite the fact that Guinea remains in 177th place out of 191 developing countries, with 70% of the population considered to be at the poverty line and 20% below (according to Unicef data), significant progress has been made. I hope and pray that it can improve further to ensure more dignified living conditions, with the help of the younger Missionaries of the Immaculate to whom I am preparing to pass the baton and the torch of the Mission.


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