Sr. Maddalena and sr. Theresa in Hong Kong

With suitcases as ‘migrants’, on 11.9.1968 sr. Maddalena Pirodda and Sr. Theresa Pathickal (the first Indian MSI destined to the mission outside her country) arrive in Hong Kong. The photo below shows them still in the airport, where the Canossian Sisters would come to pick them up and by whom they would be given hospitality for the first months waiting to start their own communities and activities.

r. Theresa Pathickal e sr. Maddalena Piroddda

Sr. Maddalena Pirodda and sr. Theresa Pathickal, Hong Kong 1968

What were they feeling at that moment of ‘landing’ in a new country to start alone and for the first time a new mission? “My feelings were surprise, joy, fear of the many unknown” (Sr. Theresa Pathickal).

Sr. Teresa Pathickal Hong Kong

Sr. Theresa visits the boat people


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