Mesa di invio

Milan, 28 August 1948: Celebration of the Missionary Mandate in St. Francis Xavier Church Pime.

Remembering the departure

“H.E. Monsignor Balconi wears his episcopal vestments: singing of the ‘Veni Creator’, blessing of the crucifix; all six climb up in single row to the altar to receive the Crucifix. The sermon of the celebrant follows: love of mother and charity of Christ, being angels sent among the pariahs. Song of the litanies and, at the end of these, we read in unison the Missionary declaration. A solemn blessing is given with the Holy Sacrament”. 

H.E. Mons.  Balconi gives the Crucifix to the departing Sisters

“At 9 am in procession two by two from S. Siro – Sisters’House – to Monterosa – Pime Church. We are in 46, postulants, novices, professed Sisters”.

Foto di gruppo con le partenti, 1948

The 46 Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate with the departing Sisters and M. Dones

Genoa, 30 August 1948: Departure by ship.

“At 3 pm we are at the port. Superiors and relatives visit the six-bed cabin, all waiting for the great hour. suddenly, a bellow that breaks the fibres of the heart, it is the starting signal. When moved we say goodbye and kiss each other. The bridge is raised and we slowly move away. Oh, what a crash in the separation, no comparison. However, all the faces strive to smile, waving on both sides the handkerchiefs with the deep outpouring of the heart. This moving scene is still in front of the eyes and will always be seen at every click of our eyes”.

Partenza da Genova

Sisters and Fathers departing to India in the  ship Assiria

Vijayawada, 29 September: On their arrival, the sisters are welcomed in the Diocese.

“They call us for the Holy Mass sung, celebrated by His Excellency Msgr. Grassi. Music, songs, children in uniform, Indians, Anglo-Indians. Holy Communion. After the Mass, he preaches in three languages, then solemn blessing with the Blessed Sacrament, singing of the Te Deum in English accent”.

Welcoming with flowers in Vijayawada

Gudivada, 6 October“People are coming to the clinic. Our work begins”.

Gudivada 1950

Taking care of the sicks in Gudivada

(The sentences quoted are taken from the Diary of Sr. Teresina Galimberti, one among the first group)


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