The novices Valeria and Francesca tell us about the special experience in the accompaniment of young people whom they meet every week at the railway station of Monza, together with some of the PIME seminarians.

From three years, with some PIME seminarians, we have been carrying out a project of apostolate that aims to encounter the young both boys and girls. Foreigners and Italians of 20 years old who stop near the railway station of Monza in order to use marijuana drugs. Every Thursday afternoon we used to go to the railway station to meet them with the desire to be a sign of a society that does not marginalize them, but rather interested in them.

Among the boys we came to know G. 18 years old, an active boy, apparently suspicious. But he is a person who actually seemed unafraid to trust in us. He narrated to us his story. He experienced many hardships in life. The result of which made him stronger and it enabled him to relate with others in a better manner. We used to meet G. almost every Thursday. This frequent visit allowed us to start a rapport with him through a dialogue. Mutual sharing and listening between us created a good and strong relationship which indeed always maintained the respect and dignity and freedom of the person.

Our presence near him, like the other boys who were there at the station, does not have many pretensions. if not, to be close to them, making them to have a different look from those who are used to receive from those who want to deceive them (drug addicts and false friends) or despise them (common people). We began to look at his life with great prudence and sensitivity. With him we think about the logic on which he based his small choices. Perhaps it is a suggestion which is not accepted by everyone and, in reference to this; we have noticed that how in our way of situating ourselves towards others, especially in the extreme situations like the one experienced by G. It is important to transmit the love and accept the person with his strength and weakness. In this regard, we were impressed when he said to us about the wholehearted appreciation of us that he was a smart boy. No one had ever appreciated him before like that.

We learned that in order to be close to a person it is necessary to respect his freedom. Story and fragility are not acceptable to pretend. It is very important that the basic authenticity leads in time to establish true relationship. The life of G and his relationship with us teaches us many things. One of the things which all must understand is to share the love and to show concern towards young.

Valeria e Francesca – Monza


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