The missionary month and the preparation of the final profession of Sr. Carine are like an explosion of joy, in which we cannot remain without doing anything other than doing the missionary animation. In fact, we could not allow ourselves to escape from such a beautiful occasion to be able to share our missionary passion for the proclamation with all those people whom we meet in our day-to-day life. And so it was like this!

Driven by the desire to animate the local Church, and to help every baptized participant with the joy of sharing in the great gift of the missionary vocation, we organized different meetings, during the month of October, for the young people, adults and children in several parishes (at least 5 parishes) of the diocese of Yaoundè, especially where Sr. Carine rendered her service over the past three years. Through her lively and stimulating testimony of life for the young people, we tried to communicate with creativity the Pope’s message for this missionary day, and at the same time we took the occasion to make known to the people about our religious family and our charism. In all this, we were trying to respond to the different needs of the groups by communicating the message in a way more understandable and attractive. Starting from 1st October, we can say that without exaggeration, we have met hundreds of people during the Sunday Mass like the group of COP Monde and during the catechesis. We just think of the meeting of the St. Mark Parish where Sr. Carine spoke to 600 catechumens! With great amazement and gratitude, we found that the response of the people to our initiative has been of great participation and immense joy. At the end of the preparation, waiting for the celebration of the final profession on 29th October, we decided to organize two moments of prayer in the two neighboring parishes in order to accompany Sr. Carine to live her total self offering for the mission, and to help the faithful to grasp the deeper dimension of this celebration that brought us together.

Around Jesus, the first and the greatest Apostle, we celebrated our faith and the joy of our vocation together with the people. We tried to use symbols and signs that bring together the culture and the Gospel, not just in a traditional way, but trying to penetrate the message into the people’s hearts. There were many gestures, moments of sharing, and dances, during this missionary month, and with the Pope we can truly say that the mission has the power to transform the heart of every man. The mission is kairos because it is a favorable time for an encounter that transforms the life, even when you do not expect it. The mission urges us to be pilgrims, and to go out because, as we have seen, there are still many, who await the message of Christ … where they are!

Sr. Daniela Migotto


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