Journeying with apostolic courage along the ever-new paths of mission.



The sun rising from on high
(the prophecy: Lk 1,76-79).

Jesus in his death and resurrection manifested to us the Father’s Love, bringing light into the darkness of humanity. We too are called to be prophecy of this rising sun from above. By letting ourselves be enlightened by Him, and through our lives, we can light up the lives of those who inhabit the peripheries of humanity.

The road paths that cross the world globe

The roads divide the world in the background, in many patterns of different but rather fading colors. The roads are known but are now abandoned. These roads do not lead to unity but divide the world. There is not communication among them. These paths were not always wrong; but the changes that have taken place in the world, made them no longer suitable to rekindle desire and encounter.

 The central road path

The yellow colour (looking from below upwards) indicates our “divine” origin. The brown colour recalls, instead, our humanity and the good soil that welcomes the Seed. This is the beginning of the path bringing forth the Kingdom. Divinity and humanity: the combination needed to be witnesses. It is a journey that allows itself to be illumined by the Sun that comes from on high, from which it receives life and strength. It is a Way that goes across the world and opens it to eternity. The movement seen in the central path recalls the ability of changing course, of mixing the vivid colours of the Kingdom, daring to journey across new paths and breaking the schemes. It is a Way that leads to the peripheries that are “in the midst of the world”, “among us” and colours it anew. At this point, the colours get mixed; and, somehow, faded. While each of them retains their originality, they create unity in diversity. We too are strived to ‘get ourselves mixed and come out into different colouring tones’ be community-prophecy of the “rising Sun”; and, therefore, brighten on our path all those who live in the peripheries of the world.


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