Solemnity of the Immacolate

On the journey of preparation for the XII General Chapter, this year’s novena of the Immaculate brings us together as one apostolic body to contemplate the face of the ‘sweet heavenly Mother’. This title, so dear to Giuseppina Rodolfi, orients us to an attitude of filial trust that we find in our apostolic spirituality and that passes through the peoples and cultures in which we are present.

For this reason, the sisters of the organisms that contributed to the realization of this Novena (Italy, Brazil, Bangladesh, Cameroon-Chad, Papua New Guinea, Delhi, Hong Kong and Algeria-Tunisia), help us to participate in the Marian devotion of their countries.

Each patron will guide us to welcome into our prayer a category of people or a step to take, which we entrust to the intercession of Mary.

In particular, we will be introduced to the knowledge of the tradition that gave rise to the cult of Mary in different places. Going back to the source of popular devotion will allow us to appreciate Mary’s maternal beauty, her protection and care towards all peoples.

The testimonies, referring to experiences of simple and popular faith, will open a glimpse into religious expressions, symbols, gestures and prayers with which people’s filial trust is still experienced today.

The proposed guideline is also entrusted to the creativity of each community in the preparation of the celebratory environment, in the choice of songs and in the implementation of the indicated gestures.

Under the sweet gaze of Mary, we begin to make a spiritual pilgrimage that ideally will lead us, day after day, crossing the sanctuaries of our missions, to the celebration of the solemnity of the Immaculate.

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