Starting from 28th February 1998, following the orientations of the 1994 general Chapter, there have been bi-monthly meetings of prayer and reflection in Monza and Pozzuoli, in order to study the apostolic exhortation Christifidelis Laici. They reflected on the identity and mission of the laity in the Church and the world. Thus started the group of LAICI MdI in Italy.

At present the two groups continue with a total number of 27 members.

Each member carries out a kind of pastoral activity in each one’s parish. Their apostolate consists in family visits in degraded and poor contexts, in organizing moments of prayer, missionary animation in the month of October; in listening to the Word of God and in celebrating lectio Divina.

They cooperate in organizing the feasts of the Institute and moments of missionary animation of the local Church. On some occasions, weeks or days of missionary animation were organized, lived in collaboration with the MSI communities.

Besides the apostolic activities mentioned above:

The Southern Group carries out service in a home of hospitality to the migrants and offers its help in meeting people who do not have a stable residence. Some members are engaged at the diocesan level in the LBC group (“Laboratorio per il Bene comune”). This group further studies the topics connected with the Social Doctrine of the Church.

Recently a new missionary frontier is opened in Coroglio: accompanying a small community torn apart since years due to misunderstandings and divisions. The parish priest there has difficulties in accompanying the faithful in the community activities outside the eucharistic celebration.

The Northern Group has for its specific apostolate the encounter with those who do not have a fixed residence and the service to the elderly and disabled.

Some Lay MSI had the possibility of making an experience, of 3 to 4 weeks in the mission. They have gone through a journey of evaluation of the experience they had with the group, during their monthly meetings. At present the sister who coordinates the groups at the provincial level is Sr. Maria Antonia Rossi.

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