“Lumalama” Project

Donate and Install a solar street light

The “Lumalama” project was born as the result of an anthropological research realized by the contribution of the population of the Catholic communities of the Island of Kiriwina, where, the missionary sisters of the Immaculate are working from 2000.
The following project was drawn up with the active participation of the various representatives of the villages involved after an analysis and study of the territory and of a basic need for a greater development and well-being of the people living in the communities of the island.
The “lumalama” project (in the native language means “light”). It aims to provide for the installation of solar street lights for the villages to ensure electricity in the night and to promote development to the inhabitants in their daily life. In particular, the installation of solar street lights would allow:

  • The enhancement of study in the evening for girls /boys who attend the school (since the sun sets early);
  • It promotes the safety of the villagers, especially women, children, the elderly and the disabled. It would also reduce the risk of illegal activities during the night in the near inhabited places;
  • It promotes hygiene and health in the inhabited areas;
  • It supports solidarity and social life in the villages: it would be possible together to organize events for families and community members in harmony and security.

The “Lumalama” project also aims to support the sense of voluntary collaboration typical of the indigenous cultural tradition, called “kabutu” which includes the costs of the installation, based on the active collaboration of the members of the community, thus making the project more sustainable.

Information about the realization of the project

Location: Kiriwina Island, Papua New Guinea

Beneficiaries: villages, schools and structures belonging to the mission

Cost of the project: 550 euros per street lights. To illuminate the center we need 10 street lights.

Responsible for the project: St. Mary’s Parish – Wapipi, Homero Marin CM and the Community of the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate – PIME

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