A life to become a good soil …

I was born in Hong Kong, where the majority of the population does not profess their faith. Buddhism is widespread and I discovered Christianity in this very land. The education of the Catholic school that I frequented and the beautiful testimony of the moral science teachers made me to reflect about my life. At the age of 13 this led me to receive baptism which I shared with my parents who were approaching the faith in that same period.

I found a gradual progress after sowing the seed in the years of my youthfulness. I was really thankful to the faith community of Focolar Movement which I frequented. In it I understood how the Christianity made the difference, as if it were against the counter current. The formation received from them has oriented me to search the will of God in my daily activities, relationships and work.

The experience of volunteerism lived in the Mainland China for some summers and teaching English to the poor boys, has opened me a new way for me a new vision of service. It cultivated in me the desire to serve the poor, following the example of Jesus who came to serve and to give his life.

This discovery transformed into a call, still undefined, that I heard when I was in Rome with the young people of the Focolar Movement in 2000 for WYD (World Youth Day): “Do not be afraid, follow me!”.

Other experiences have enriched my life, like the two years stay in the United States for study and work. Going out of my country gave me a more universal vision; Indeed, I felt a desire for fraternity solidarity and a life lived together in diversity and peace!

As a girl I had everything that could be needed: a quiet life, a stable job and many friends. However, I felt within me an emptiness and I questioned: “Vivian is it really possible for you to continue to live like this?”. The turning point in my life was due to the loss of my dear young friend who died because of his illness. He left us an example of tenderness and love for life that fascinated me to the point of saying that: “I too want to embrace such love and I want to announce it to everyone”!

And it is exactly at that time, I met the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate. The soil of my life, plowed and prepared. Thanks to the different experiences, through which I was ready to welcome the seed that would bear fruit: the seed of consecrated life to God for the mission.

My first impression by frequenting the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate in Hong Kong made me to feel at home. I was immediately understood by them especially by sr. Luigia, sr. Giovanna as well as many other sisters.

I wish the same experience from the mission of South Brazil that I now live. To be able to understand and love others, to make them feel at home and live among the people “building bridges and not walls” – as Pope Francis would say!



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