The desire to go far and to be a missionary was my dream ever since I was a child. A strange dream, because in North India, from where I come from, there were no missionary institutes until when the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate have opened a community at Murunkela in 2002.

I am the first among the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate coming from North India. As a child, I saw the sisters from the local institutes who lived near my village used to pray and to prepare for the liturgy. I was fascinated by them but I said to myself: “Yes, but I want to go far”!.

The first years of my life in the convent were difficult for me because there were many painful incidents took place in my family. I lost four of the persons who were very dear to me including my mother … In those years, I felt angry and rebellious even towards God: “Lord, I am here to offer my life to you and you answer me like this? Making me loose so many of my loved ones? Why?”. These were the questions I didn’t know how to answer, but I continued to ask God, persevering in my faith through moments of prayer and silence in front of the Blessed Sacrament. It was in one of these moments that the Lord inspired me, making me feel that my sorrows and fragilities of this time were momentary, but the essential element for building a new moment in which I would have been stronger and happier. These feelings gave me a new way of living, they strengthened my desire to “take to God” all that I lived positive as well as negative. Even now, in the challenges of everyday life, this is my strength: to go to the church and to share with God what I live, so that He may enlighten me.

Then, to continue my journey meant for me to encounter many changes. In fact, during the formation, like many sisters of India, I had to get used of living in different states and consequently change of food, climate, and language … Then, after my final Profession, here is the call to go to Italy for a period of service to the General Direction: again changes of food, climate, language … and culture!

These moments made me experience the different moments of solitude, discouragement, sadness in understanding the new things and it invited me always to grow. But I must say that this journey gave me the strength to accept even the uncertain and unknown situations always responding in a new way! Exactly just like when, in Siliguri community in India, they asked me to make a cake for a party with more than 40 people and I had never made one, but I put my efforts and … it was delicious! I discovered that only by taking the risk we can discover those talents that we think that we do not have.

I am here in Italy-Rome for six years. It is very demanding between my service to the community, the apostolate, and study. I find the same possibility of proposing myself with initiatives in the parish activities, with the catechism children who often seem to be little interested and completely immersed by mobile phones and games … It is an open challenge! I also had the possibility to follow the young people of the ‘Camminando’ at Trentola-Ducenta (CE): I like to know the proposals of PIME. It is a way for me to grow in my vocation.

In my heart, I cherish the desire for a new mission, but I know that for the moment this is God’s will for me to stay in Italy! I entrust myself to Him, confident that in living the present I can build my future.


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