When I think of my vocation, I see that its origin goes back to the beginning of my life. I think it all started on the day of my baptism when at the end of the ceremony the priest, looking at me saying, “Well Silvia, now make your parents despair a little”.

Certainly, I did not understand much at that time and I was never an agitated or particularly difficult girl but I can say that I have always been an “ordinary” person. However, I think that the invitation imprinted within me and assimilated into my life for the desire to discover and the ability not to be satisfied.

I was educated by my parents from childhood to be true, loyal, determined and committed in order to be able to search the best for myself and for others.

At some point in my life, I began to feel the dissatisfaction growing in me, and I was never satisfied with this but I tried to find out the best.

Naturally, something did not allow me to be peaceful at that moment with myself. Externally I had everything, but I knew something within me was lacking. There was something missing that did not consent me to be fully happy with my experiences.

Consequently, I started my research. I did not make great journeys or even make particular spiritual experiences but in my daily life, I looked deep within myself, where the Lord was waiting for me, in that angle of the desires that shape the life of every human being.

I got closer to my prayer life and the Eucharist until I clearly saw that little piece that I was missing in me was to become a sister in a mission.

I discovered from that moment how the Lord accompanied and cared me in my daily life. The education received in the family, the presence of teachers and educators, my friends, are all parts of a great project designed just for me, to make me reach there to understand and taste what the Lord wants from me.

I started from that moment onwards, to look for an institute where I can consecrate myself for the mission. Even on that occasion, as if it was the most natural thing to do, that said to me: “Try with the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate and then you decide”. I tried and found it.

I made my profession in September 2009 and after a few years living in Italy, I received the destination for Bangladesh.

Now I live in the outskirts of Dhaka, in the industrial area where many Bangladeshis come to find work.

The Christians in Bangladesh are few and they have no visibility in a country that is dominated by 90% Muslims.

My mission takes place in everyday life and in discretion. It is made up of meetings, relationships, listening, and prayer. I realize here once again how the Lord asks me to live my faith in an ordinary way by my humble and concrete presence. To walk along with everyone, not only just Christians, to show the universal love of God but to everyone who becomes a travelling companion.

Here once again I am surprised by everyday life!

Sr. Silvia Leoni – Italy/Bangladesh Province


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