In our Indian culture, we have heard of a famous Sanskrit dictum, Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam-“which means the whole world but is a family. It screws deeper and gives further enlightenment, “Counting one as a friend and other as a stranger is the work of a small mind. But to those of noble character, the entire universe is but one family.” Hence from times immemorial, Indian culture upholds this as the most important moral value.

In the globalized world of today equality may be apparently spoken aloud, but the nature tells us that we are all equal before God. The new threat of COVID 19- breaks this wall of distinctions between race, religion and region. Although one gets up in the morning, with HOPE to NEW LIFE, yet ends up in panic by reading the tidbits from the newspaper.

Our heart goes to you, ITALY – the epicenter of the pandemic. The report on 20 March from CORRIERE DELLA SERA, was nothing less than shocking. 627 deaths in a single day. Tears well up in the eyes as one reads the report and perceives the exponential growth in both death and infections spread. It is not the story of a single day, it continues … and further Italy is not solitary, other Countries too are facing the identical status quo. Young and old, poor and rich, all are experiencing the similar fate. None of us are safe too, the whole world is voyaging in the same boat of anxiety.

Countries struck by Covid-19 take serious measures under quarantine in order to curb the spread of the virus. STAY HOME or SOCIAL DISTANCING- is the best weapon, to combat the virus. The lock down of the social life does give rise to new problems. Especially those who earn their daily bread on regular wages, those others too who are elderly and have no one to deliver the grocery at home and those who go to stores to purchase the necessary and find nothing. Still there are others who walk miles and miles to reach their homes.

How to forget the government officials, the army, the military and the police force, who are working uncompromisingly for the safety of the nation. Kudos! To the fatigued medical teams, everyone on foot to attend the cases that are multiplying. The physical tiredness, the exhaustive workload, the pain stricken heart, tears filled eyes, while bidding Adieu to those whom they cannot save. Above all the pain of not seeing their family, for fear of infecting them. In addition you our dearest ones, who are dying alone, without a family member at your bed side, forgive us, for not accompanying you on your final journey from this earth.

The apprehension reaches its zenith. Everything collapses and we are unable to save the influx of corona virus patients. We know not our fate! But the one and the only thing we can be sure at this moment…, that we all belong to the one universal family. Let the words of Pope Francis, echo in our hearts: “Let us remain united…let us make our closeness felt.”

The disease is progressing, and so must be the response. We will win if we are together. There is still time to flatten the curve of new infections. The key is unity and inter dependence. We unite ourselves with the whole world and unite it to the PASSION of our LORD JESUS CHRIST. Let HIS precious blood wash us and make us a new. 

sr. Fabiola Fernandes – Hyderabad Province


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