“Endurance brings God’s approval and his approval creates hope and hope does not disappoint us because the Holy Spirit has been given to us, pouring into our hearts the love of God”.(Rom5:4-5)

This phrase of St. Paul really true and is actualizing in the life of the community of Ticuna Nova Prosperidade, a village near to the District of Santa Rita in the Parish of Sao Paulo de Olivenca, Diocese of Alto Solimoes.

This community faced many difficulties and challenges in its walk of faith, but trusting in God and Our Lady of Guadalupe keeps them walking forward despite all the trials. They have already been accompanied by the Parish Priest of Sao Paulo de Olivenca and then by Vitalina a Missionary from the Community of Alianca de Misericordia.

Upon the arrival of MSI sisters in Santa Rita in 2018 the sisters continued accompanying the community, giving catechesis, Baptism formation, Word God celebration, etc. With the help of village leader, Laureano, who does the translation into their local language and in collaboration with other missionary groups the MSI s are able to reach out to the communities, supporting, strengthening and deepening their faith. On 30th November 2019 twelve children have received the Sacrament of Baptism, and the baptism instruction for adults have been already confirmed sometimes in 2020.

The people of this community dream to build their own chapel hence they usually gather and pray at the school, family home or at the family Centre. The local government have promised to build a school in this community but the project is unfinished due to mismanagement of funds.

Despite of all these difficulties for the first time the people had the joy of celebrating the triduum of the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe the patronage of the community. The first day the celebration was animated by a missionary group of Vendaval, the second day by the MSI and on the third day concluded with flag raising ceremony.

And the walk continues…..

Ir. Sunitha Pamula, Comunidade interprovincial, BRS


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