Indian Postulants 2019

It was our greatest joy to  enter into the postulancy during this extraordinary missionary year. The theme of our prayer service was I HAVE FOUND I WANT TO BE A MISSIONARY. we were invited to receive the missionary bag with the names of our foundresses, whose examples we are to follow in order to spur their missionary passion.

We were welcomed to have a mission experience through a dance enlightening us to know the importance of the missionaries reaching out to the people in four directions without any barriers.

The inspirational words of our foundresses, the PIME martyrs, and the two great pillars of the Church: Sts. Peter and Paul enthused in us the joy of belonging to the religious missionary family.

We wish to share with you few thoughts that touched us:

Mother Igilda

I have found I want to be a missionary.

Mother Dones

If we want to be good missionaries, we must love suffering in whatever form it may appear.

Msgr. Lorenzo Maria Balconi

The missionary is nothing if he does not put on the person of Jesus Christ.

Blessed Paolo Manna

He will be a good missionary an invicible soldier of Christ only if he is obedient.

Fr. Eliodaro Farronato

Here I live without a house, I get up without an alarm clock, I pray without church, I hunt without a license, I am happy wihtout friends. I study languages without teachers. I have no days without struggles. I grow old without anyone noticing it, I will die without regrets. 

Fr. Emilio Teruzzi

I have 15 chapels to care for but most of them are falling down and in need of repair. The waters financial resources are very very poor and low almost completely dried up. These blessed white ants are not content with eating the houses and chapels. They also have to eat the shoes and  bags of the poor missionary.

We were touched by the pain and the sadness that might have surmounted Fr. Emilio Teruzzi during the wake of the First World War

Fr. Emilio: In november of 1914 he wrote a letter to a friend in Italy, saying,   “Looking at a map of my district or viewing the area from the top of some mountain and knowing that so many villages are already caught in the shadow of death. My heart is stricken my feet are anxious my hands are itching. I want to run and throw my self among these people but I must stay with the prophet, I am too young, I don’t know how to speak . I ask you to say a Hail Mary for me to the Queen of Heaven and the Star of the sea that if I have to end up as food for the fish, She must grant me the grace to be well prepared for it.”

These writings moved us to  challenge our missionary call and helped us to know how passionate our missionaries were. 

May this missionary year enable us to increase our passion to be missionaries in the real sense of the word.

Postulants, Siliguri, India


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