During the Covid 19 pandemic we have to be more creative to carry on our pastoral works and keep alive the faith and the hope of our groups in the parish.

I am the Spiritual director of the Women`s Group called Our Lady of Fatima Group, (花地瑪婦女會) in which majority of the members are retired ladies, and are very faithful and have a great devotion to our mother Mary.

We have a meeting twice in a month. We pray the rosary, have spiritual formation and sharing of the Gospel. But since February we have stopped having our meetings because of the fear of the rapid spread of the coronavirus.

I really believe that where there is a will, there is a way, and this group is an example of it.

We could not get together personally. However, we always prayed the Rosary as a group. We started using the ZOOM an online program, to be connected with each other and as an online community we prayed together. During the holy week we also had the way of the cross through the ZOOM.

Many of the ladies are not so familiar with this kind of technology, but as I said before, where there is a will, there is a way, many of the them asked the help of their children or grandchildren for installing and learning how to use the app.

On 13th May the church celebrated Our Lady of Fatima, which is the patroness of this group. Due to the pandemic restrictions we could not get together in the church, to pray the rosary in honour of our Mother Mary. But our desire to celebrate this special day was so strong, that we found a way to do it.

We decided to walk far away from the urban area and found a place where we could sit and pray the rosary in honour of Our Lady of Fatima. We prayed for the world, for the people affected by covid19. We asked God the grace to became a humble and obedient servers like Mary. It was a moment of great joy and devotion to Our Mother Mary.

I really admire people’s faith and enthusiasm. Their example help me to live my missionary vocation among them, especially during this time, that invites us to be creative and courageous to search and try new ways to keep alive the flame of faith and continue the mission adapting to the needs of the present time.

Sr.Maria Clara Pires –  Hong Kong Delegation


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