World mission Sunday, is celebrated on the penultima Sunday of October each year. This year it was marked on 18 October, where the entire Church came together to support missions. Every Catholic community, in any part of the world, sends a powerful message of FAITH, HOPE and LOVE to the global community. The Santa Maria Parish community, begun the celebration with a vigil.  On Saturday 17, the parish community gathered in the mission ground which is the Mother Parish.

The evening began with the procession of the statue of Mother Mary to the grotto, which was illuminated and adorned with flowers. Rev. Fr. Robert Moe, PIME, the Parish Priest, carried the statue and the Children of Mary welcomed HER with flowers.  The children enacted the Angelus and showed their love for Mother through a dance. To mark the Mission Sunday and its importance the Missionary Rosary was introduced to the faithful giving importance to five colours and five continents. The Rosary was guided by both the MSI Sisters and the Lay Associates.  After each decade of the rosary, they shared their faith experiences with the community gathered. True indeed! It was a moment to strengthen each other’s faith journey. It was also a time, to send the spiritual vibes to the missionaries in the five continents and to reach out to their needs.

The Rosary was followed by the vocation sharing of Novice Cynthia MSI, Miss. Justina, a lay missionary and Rev. Fr. Robert Moe. Their sharing facilitated to understand the meaning of Christian calling and its response. It was a time to stir the local missionary vocations in the heart of the Church.  The evening celebration was concluded with a message and blessing by Fr. Robert Moe. This was followed by the screening of a movie on the life of St. Francis Xavier.

The dawn of 18 October 2020, was remarkable indeed. The air of exuberance had filled the ambient. The Eucharistic celebration began by introducing the theme “Here am I, send Me,” followed by a dance showing the current realities of the world into which the missionaries are sent by God. The mass was celebrated by Rev. Fr. Goudencio Francesco, PIME, councillor of PNG delegation. The preaching was once again revolving around the theme, giving stress on the mission of every baptised person in the Church.

The celebrations with all its blessings led us into activity outside the mass. Everyone was full of life and vigour in their sale and droppings for the mission. This year the people were well prepared to welcome the day. Their generosity, showed their love and solidarity with the global church.  The day was concluded with a prayer and blessings by Fr. Dominic, PIME and everyone returned their homes with grateful heart.

Sr. Celine Arockiasamy,



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