We the young group of Christ the King of Tadipatri parish celebrated the youth festival in a very magnificent way.

Sr. Namitha Louis (MSI) Provincial councilor, Hyderabad began her session with the topic “Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment” (Pope Francis has already announced this theme for the Synod of Bishops which will be held in October 2018). She stressed the importance of considering this letter of Pope Francis as a personal letter to every young man and young woman. She explored the importance of concentration in one’s life and to listen carefully the voice of God. Leading a concentration activity she asked us to do the same but we failed. Through this small exercise we learned how important it is to concentrate on oneself to achieve the goal.

Meanwhile she underlined the figure of little David who could destroy Goliath (Evil power), using only one stone even if he carried with him 5 stones. She interpreted this way: the stones were: 1. Communion with the Lord (Prayer Life), 2. Strong Faith in God, 3. Self confidence, 4. Enthusiasm/ Initiatives, 5. Perseverance.

She made us reflect on our Spiritual life, by asking who Jesus is for us as we were fully involved in the net working program. According to our experiences we answered as follows: Jesus is my hero, Jesus is my friend, Jesus is my father etc… Then she made us understand that Jesus is our role modelwho is with us till the end in this fast changing modern world. Weneed to encounter Him daily as we give the first Place for Him in our lives. He is the ONE whom I imitate as St. Paul says; “to me to live is Christ” (Phil 1:21). We live for Christ: That is our motto!  Jesus will be with us until our last breath, even in life after death- “I am with you till the end of the age” (Mt 28:20). Through these activities the Christian bond among us as well as the missionary enthusiasm increased even more.

Sr. Namitha also introduced the colors of the different continents and Mother Mary as the Queen of the Apostles,  whom we need to pray for the people all around the world: the Mission rosary keeps us linked together. She insisted on praying the Mission rosary daily.

The day continued with the Holy Eucharist, with the entrance dance followed by the cultural program. Nirmala sisters of both communities and the parishners participated and appreciated all our cooperation and the team work. We thank the Lord for granting us such a privileged and beautiful day which created a lot of awareness and knowledge on the great potentiality in us: to make people know Christ.

Youth of Christ the King Parish, Tadipatri, Hyderabad Province


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