It was a boon for 15 of us the young perpetually professed sisters, belonging to 2012 to 2017 batches, to come together and share the experiences of our ongoing formative journey. It was not only an enriching experience but also a stimulus to refresh, re-energize ourselves to proceed and continue the mission with renewed enthusiasm and vigor.

‘’Knowing  myself is knowing the God who called me to serve. The past I have is not something to be hidden, rather it is to be taken out and realize how good the God is to me.’’ These were the motivating words of Rev. Fr. Saji SSP, who helped us through the session ‘’Discover Yourself in God. ‘’ The lessons we drew from his class is that we need to touch our vulnerabilities, in order to come out of our self depreciation and to make our vocation more meaningful to me and others. We are all wounded healers, in order to make our religious life beautiful and relevant in today’s context we need to be more open to our weakness and go forward courageously. Only prayer, deep convictions and feeling the need to be healed will sustain us and make us joyful religious.

‘You are the future of our Congregation, we count on you, we love you’, were the encouraging words of our Provincial Superior Rev. Sr. Amala Rani, while addressing the young perpetually professed sisters. Quoting the words of Pope Francis, she reminded us to recall the past with gratitude, live the present with patience and the future with hope’. We could feel the close accompanying of our provincial superior and her keen interest in our spiritual growth and well being.

‘Life is a journey through different seasons. Our spiritual journey can be compared to walking, standing, running and sitting,’ were the capturing words of Rev. Sr. Biji Philip, the Co-ordinator of the ongoing formation. She enabled us to pause for awhile and introspect ourselves to discover where we stand and what is our contribution in building up our community.

In the New Testament we often see Jesus taking His apostles to a lonely place to rest, share and to be by themselves. Similarly we too were taken to Bhavani Island by our Provincial Superior and Sr. Biji Philip to be together with our batch mates, to share and to enrich one another. Indeed it was a remarkable day to be remembered and to be cherished as we shared our life and mission, its joys and struggles.

Young Perpetually Professed Sisters, Vijayawada

(2012-2017 Batch)


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