On 14th September in the afternoon, the Radio Sol Mansi organized a training programme for its journalists but open to others who wish to participate. Therefore, Sr. Alessandra Bonfanti, Sr. Suzanne Djaebba and myself participated in it.

After seeing together, the movie “Invictus” about Mandela there was a debate among all the participants about the characteristics that should have a good leader. Two points have been emphasized in a particular way:

  • “Do not celebrate with revenge”: Nelson Mandela came out victorious after his fight for freedom for the country, but he never wanted to commemorate this victory by taking revenge against his adversaries. On the contrary, he accepted that during his presidency the white people would continue to work together with the Africans.
  • “I am the master of my destiny! I am the master of my soul!”: Nelson Mandela believed in his objective and persevered in the struggle without ever giving up, even when in prison he suffered discrimination and separation from his family.

ir.  Maria Auxiliadora Q. Motta (Guiné Bissau)

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