One cannot aspire for missionary life without being trained in mortification ... of the mind, of the heart, of the will … because the missionary must be ready for everything. M. Igilda
Love the Lord very much. You will see what a great relief you will experience in all the difficulties. The Lord is the Master of our being, of our strength and all our time. M. G. Dones
The Lord chooses whom He wants for His Works. He does not need either our talents or our external gifts. Rather, He chooses most unsuitable persons to show that it is He who works, and makes those very works flourish. M. G. Dones
Let us thank the Lord very much for having called us to serve Him in religious life and let us live it in a holy way. M. G. Dones
On your part, do not let a single day pass by without offering her (Mary) a bunch of flowers composed of the virtues so dear to her: obedience, humility, charity. M. G. Dones
We are now in the month dedicated to the Sacred Heart, the month that ends with the feast of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul. I think we cannot do anything more suitable than to collect a precious garland of prayers and spiritual sacrifices to present them to Jesus. M. Igilda
May Baby Jesus bring to your heart the true light and the peace which the mouth of the angels announced to the people of good will. M. G. Dones
May the Risen Jesus help us to rise from our miseries and make us run with generosity along the way of true fervour. M. G. Dones
Our Institute ought to be exclusively missionary and its members ought to be truly missionary souls. They must join our «family» with this great ideal in the heart. Hence, they must be ready to leave for the missions. M. G. Rodolfi

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